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An arborist removing a large tree in a front yard in Lismore
If there's a tree in your yard hanging dangerously, dying or is already dead, have the team behind Your Tree Fellers remove it for you. These trees are an eyesore in your garden and pose a risk of property damage.

We'll improve your gardens aesthetic and eliminate the risk of property damage with our tree lopping services. Our team is highly trained and uses the latest equipment to ensure that we handle every job with ease. We pride ourselves on carrying out work safely and efficiently.

Tree lopping is a complicated procedure and isn't as easy as cutting the tree down and pulling on a rope. There are many factors we take into account to ensure the tree doesn't fall in an unpredictable way. We take into consideration any dead or damaged areas from pest infestations or disease. We'll also look at the weather, as a simple change of wind can cause the tree to pull in a different direction, which could result in damage to your property.

With such high risks involved, it's always best to give us a call to take care of the hard work for you. If you're not sure if the tree in your yard needs to go, we can let you know. Before any work is conducted you may need to apply for a permit from your local council body. We'll help you complete the appropriate paperwork to get your project moving forward.



Our team commonly remove trees for the following reasons:
Dead trees
Once a tree has died, there is nothing that can be done to save it. Removal is necessary as the tree will lose strength and won't be able to withstand storms, which poses significant risk to homes.
Diseased trees
It can be hard to tell if a tree is diseased until it is too late. Once this is reached, immediate removal is the best cause of action. This prevents the weakening of the tree and prevents the spread of disease to neighbouring trees.
Damaged trees
Severe weather conditions can cause healthy trees to become damaged beyond repair. We often see trees affected by lightning strikes needing removal, although we have seen cases from animals and vehicle accidents
Obstructive trees
Trees grow and change, which is why a tree that was once in a good location may not be in the future. Roots can disturb foundations or branches may grow in the way of utilities or power lines.

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There is no need to worry about difficult access or hard to reach limbs with the use of our Spider Lift. It fits through a space as small as the average door opening and has an 18 metre reach.
Spider Lift — Tree Services in Alstonville, NSW
Spider Lift — Tree Services in Alstonville, NSW
Spider Lift — Tree Services in Alstonville, NSW