stump Grinding Lismore


A worker using a stump grinding machine to remove a stump in Lismore
Get rid of unsightly stumps and prevent the infestation of pests with stump grinding services from Your Tree Feller.

If a stump is left in place after tree removal it can become a breeding ground for cockroaches, termites, frogs, lizards and snakes. These pests can easily spread to the rest of your property if left unattended.

Removal is a laborious task if undertaken without specialised machinery. Manually digging can take days and can damage surrounding areas, utility lines and irrigation systems if you aren't careful. It takes years for tree bases to die away naturally, which can make them a safety hazard if left in your yard. The best way to get removal underway is to engage our services. We'll grind the base below ground level, leaving you with a clear and workable surface.

At Your Tree Feller, we employ experienced machine operators who are trained in using the latest stump grinders. This allows us to complete all work to industry safety standards.

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Why Choose Stump Grinding?

There are a host of benefits to stump grinding, including:
Prevent use of chemicals
By utilising a stump grinder, you can prevent the need for using powerful chemicals. We recommend only using chemicals as a last resort, as they can contaminate surrounding plants if not used carefully.
Avoid new tree growth
When you choose to grind the stumps, the roots are severed and will stop the plant from continuing to grow. Without a functioning root system, the plant cannot regrow. This will keep your utilities, driveway and home foundation safe. After removal of the wood chips, topsoil can be added so that grass grows in its place.
Improve property image
Stumps can be an eyesore in an otherwise lovely landscape. Stump grinding restores your garden to a well-groomed appearance.
Improve Safety
A stump can be a safety hazard in your yard, as well as a major inconvenience when trying to mow or walk around the area. Our team can grind stumps below the ground level to ensure your yard is level.