Mulching Services Lismore


A large mulching machiene working in Lismore
Save yourself a trip to the tip with the mulching and wood chipping services available from Your Tree Feller.

Don't let dead or fallen trees lay around, have us transform them into a garden aide, which will bring a wealth of benefits with its use. Using our chipper, we can produce mulch and wood chips with ease. Our team is committed to recycling and repurposing our green waste by turning it into a usable product. If you don't want to keep the wood chips and use them on your property, we will happily take them away for you.

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Garden Mulch
Garden mulch is used to keep essential nutrients in your soil. We classify 2 types of mulch—organic and inorganic substances. Our team recommends using organic mulches as they will enrich your soil by increasing the microorganism activity, hence improving soil quality and lessening compaction.

Mulching works to:
  • Retain soil moisture
  • Reduce weed growth
  • Prevent erosion of soil
  • Prevent soil compaction
  • Regulate soil temperature
  • Enhance garden appearance
Wood Chipping
At Your Tree Feller, we always work to provide the highest standard of workmanship, and our tree chipping services are no different. We safely chip trees using a wood chipper. You can then choose to keep the chips for your own garden use.

Using wood chips as an organic mulch material is a great way to recycle and give back to your garden. This type of organic mulch is especially beneficial to trees, shrubs, perennials and small fruiting plants. Acting as a natural soil regulator, wood chips work to enhance the natural capabilities of all types of gardens. When using wood chips as a mulch, you may see your garden produce brighter blooms and healthier vegetable produce.

To get the best results you should aim to apply a layer with a 10cm thickness to your garden. Since wood chip is slow to break down it's best to re-apply it to your garden beds annually.