Tree Pruning Lismore


A worker trimming a tree on a cheery picker in Lismore
Branches blocking your view? Perhaps they are hanging dangerously near your home? These issues are easily fixed with Your Tree Feller's pruning services.

Pruning is a common maintenance technique that we use to eliminate dangerous branches, clear views, reduce wind resistance and increase the health and longevity of your trees. We have the know-how to use heavy saws, cherry-pickers and climbing equipment to reach even the largest trees.

Working at heights can be dangerous, which is why you should always choose our expert team to handle the work for you. We'd never compromise personal safety to prune a tree, and you shouldn't either!

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Formative Pruning
Pruning when a tree is young is essential for developing a strong structure and form. With correct formative pruning, mature trees are less likely to have major physical weakness and need maintenance pruning. Although it's recommended to prune while the tree is young, each tree is different. It's best for us to know why you need formative pruning, because this can alter the height you want the first branches to grow.

Our team commonly prunes back weak unions and crossing branches to ensure your canopy is balanced. Throughout the process, we will always make sure that the tree is kept healthy and structurally safe in its surroundings.
Prepare Trees for Storm Season
Storm season hits us hard here in Alstonville and surrounding areas, so make sure you're ready for it. Aside from the general home preparation, we recommend inspecting the trees on and near your property. Weakness in branches and limbs can be extremely dangerous. If a storm hits and high winds send them falling toward your home, the damage can be devastating.

The best way to prepare your trees for storm season is to call us. We will inspect your property and make recommendations. We use pruning technique such as weight reduction, dead wooding, or canopy thinning to maintain your tree's beauty while providing a suitable solution to any safety concerns.