Tree removals are generally an affordable and prompt process. However, there are certain factors that can determine the overall price of a tree removal and the time it will take. The team here at Your Tree Feller take pride in providing effective and affordable tree removals. But no two trees are the same. Take a look at our blog post below to see what influences the cost of a tree removal. 


The size of the tree can affect the cost of the tree removal. The height and width of the tree needs to be taken into consideration and the required amount of time and resources needed to assess and remove the tree. Ultimately, the bigger the tree, the more it requires being broken down into smaller pieces.


Some people might be surprised to hear that the location of the tree can have an effect on the overall cost of the tree removal. If the tree is positioned in a narrow, awkward or at all hard to reach area, the tree removal will general take longer and may require special equipment/machinery. As we all know, time is money, so if the tree removal takes considerably longer because of the location of the tree, the final amount can potentially be higher. 


The condition, i.e. health of your tree is a determining factor in the overall cost of the tree removal. If a tree is damaged, hazardous and/or diseased, special considerations will need to be taken, which in turn takes more time and can potentially add to the final line.


If the tree is close to power lines or various other potential hazards such as the property itself, fences, sheds, etc., this will often influence the cost of the tree removal. At Your Tree Feller, our expert team ensure every precaution is taken to ensure the tree is removed safely. If this means taking a little longer and employing greater resources, ultimately this will affect the price. We believe, however, that safety is something you can’t compromise on.

Tree removals are an important and typically stress-free experience. The more information you provide the tree feller, the better estimate you’ll receive in regard to cost and timeframe.

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