Trees can improve the look of any garden, but sometimes they become damaged or diseased, and need to be removed to protect the rest of the yard.

If you are thinking about having tree removal in Byron Bay, then you will need to discuss prices with Your Tree Feller and learn about the different circumstances that might affect the final cost of removing your tree. 

Needing special permission

In most cases, it will be necessary to get permission from the council to remove the tree.

This is particularly the case if the tree is part of a protected species.

This means that Your Tree Feller will need to submit evidence that the tree cannot be saved, and poses a risk to nearby property.

A specialist arborist will have to provide a report that states the same thing. 

Size and position of the tree

Perhaps the most important costing for your tree will be the size of the plant, and how much it weighs.

This will affect how the tree can be removed, and will appear as a factor in your final quote. The majority of trees don't grow up completely straight, and this means that the feller has to take that into account when calculating the cost of cutting. 

Ease of access

Most trees in gardens are not in convenient spots for easy removal, which is why the Your Tree Feller team will calculate that into the costing.

Only being able to approach the tree from certain angles, for example, can mean that the job takes longer, and more people need to work to keep the felling safe. 

Safety precautions

If the tree is in such a difficult position that we have to take specific safety precautions, then the Your Tree Feller team will keep you informed about what we will use, and will include those costs clearly in the final quote. 

Stump removal

In most cases, once the tree is down the homeowner will want the stump to be removed as well.

Naturally, this is not always as easy as it sounds, and it is certainly a factor when considering how much we will charge to get rid of your tree, stump and all. 

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